Tonton Carpet’s car stolen from Visé, with his dog inside: “The nightmare is over, I have found Ernest”

This Sunday, the septuagenarian went to Visé, in the Liège region, to have a drink with one of his friends, in an establishment located on the boulevard des Arquebusiers. The man left his dog there in the car, with the windows ajar, but what was his astonishment when he returned to his vehicle an hour later. He had disappeared, along with his dog.

The search notice, launched by “Tonton Tapis” on his Facebook on Sunday, has been shared nearly a thousand times. Unexpectedly, the car was found on the boulevard where he had originally parked it. With Ernest inside.

After working for many years in the sale of carpets, André Debor converted to real estate. In May 2021, he had been sentenced by the Criminal Court of Liège to a one-year suspended prison sentence in the context of a fraudulent organization of insolvency, misuse of corporate assets, forgery in writing and misappropriation of seized assets. . With the help of his partner and his son, the septuagenarian originally from Aubel had organized, fraudulently, his insolvency. However, he denied a good part of the prejudices that were aimed at him.

It should be noted that the current commercial activities of Tonton Tapis continue on their way without the slightest link with André Debor.


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