Tony Estanguet deciphers the hot issues of Paris 2024

A “defining year”, this is how Tony Estanguet qualifies the remaining ten months with so many files to complete. We have selected three that the boss of Paris 2024 detailed to us before flying off to the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Beijing.

The budget: “I contacted the Paris 2024 audit committee”

We must continue to secure the Paris 2024 budget because “we are financed at more than 97% by private money”, he recalls. Out of a budget of €3.9 billion, €1.1 billion comes from partners. “The objective we have set for the teams is to reach 80% of partnership revenue by the end of 2022”continues Tony Estanguet, who does not say he is worried despite the fact that the last signing of a tier 2 partner (Accor) dates from November, and that of tier 1 (Sanofi) from July. “For the moment, we are in our transition times”he positively.


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