Too much cholesterol? Here’s the drink that can raise his level even more

You’ve had a blood test and discovered that, like one in four adults, you have too high a cholesterol level. At first, you will probably drastically reduce your consumption of dairy products and meat. Perhaps you will, under the influence of your doctor, increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. But you certainly won’t think about reducing your coffee intake. And yet, researchers at the University of Tromso in Norway have just discovered that espresso coffee increases total cholesterol levels.

It is better to drink filter coffee

Coffee is the most frequently consumed central stimulant, and Norway has the second highest coffee consumption in the world, which is why this beverage is an important subject of study,” the researchers wrote in their study, published on Open Heart.

For their study, the Norwegian researchers followed more than 21,000 people aged 56 on average and studied the link between their coffee consumption and their total cholesterol levels. They found that drinking 3 to 5 cups of espresso per day was “significantly linked to an increase in total cholesterol in both men and women. Cholesterol levels also increase in drinkers of coffee prepared in an Italian or a French press, but this time from 6 cups per day.

Good news on the other hand for (…)


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