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World Cat Day takes place on February 20, but do you know why this day is celebrated? Cat lovers can pay their respects up to three times a year, but it is on February 20 that it is celebrated internationally. The origin of this day comes from the famous cat of former US President Bill Clinton, whom everyone called “Socks”.

Socks had been part of the White House since 1993. On February 20, 2009, the feline’s death shocked the whole world. Thanks to social media, it was determined that today would be a good day to pay tribute to these animal companions. As we all know, YouTube is an ideal platform to share videos of kittens but… also videos for them! So, to make sure your best friend can make the most of their day, here are five videos that will have them spending hours and hours glued to the screen:

1. Hunt the little bird

Want to stop your cat from hanging out the window and scratching the curtains? Then play this video on Paul Dinning’s channel, and your kitty will be enthralled with birdwatching while you do other things. This video, which has been viewed almost a million times, is perfect for your cat to enjoy playing with the little mice and birds that appear to eat their food.

2. Video for your feline to catch fish

To encourage your cat’s hunting skills, there’s nothing better than showing him this video so that he can enjoy playing by tapping the screen to see if he catches a fish. This video has almost 2 million views, a success for cats. In addition, on the Gatify channel, one of the Spanish channels designed for these endearing animals, you can see birds, fish in an aquarium, and you can listen to relaxing music for aggressive cats. Owners will also find sounds to entice their pets to listen and come to them when called.

3. you want to relax your cat?

We recommend this video with almost 900,000 views which will offer you harp and water sounds to relax your little shrew when he is a little nervous. You can also watch other videos on the Cats Only channel, which has over 69,000 subscribers.

4. Hours of entertainment for your cat

If you’re a cat, you won’t be able to resist watching the playful squirrels in this video which has over 753,000 views. These animals are so adorable that our kitty friends will spend hours and hours touching the screen. You can find more videos on Paul Dinning’s channel.

5. The cheese defender game

Your cat will be fascinated by the games and attempts to catch this rodent. Don’t panic if he meows or asks for help! This game, which has nearly 1,400,000 views, is on the Cat Games channel, which focuses on games for your cat. In addition, your pet can find other games to catch fish and be the fisherman king of your living room, or listen to relaxing sounds for their long naps on your couch.

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