Toulouse: a contraceptive dovecote to regulate births

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The City has installed a contraceptive dovecote in the Parc de la Faourette. An initiative which must regulate the births and the number of pigeons in the district, sources of nuisance.

Installed in the center of the park of La Faourette, the contraceptive dovecote has reduced nuisances in the district. “This third contraceptive dovecote in Toulouse (€16,000) reduces the inconvenience of the inhabitants caused by the colonies of pigeons, assures Françoise Ampoulange, municipal councilor in charge of Animals in the city. Pigeons cause degradation and too many of them can become disease vectors”. A contraceptive dovecote makes it possible to regulate births, reduce food, control the state of health, ensure hygiene and monitor the mortality of birds: “The inhabitants can continue to feed them by depositing in a limited way , bags of corn under the dovecote,” assures Françoise Ampoulange. The process is simple: “70 male and female pigeons were captured on site, explains Hervé Barbereau, sales manager at Sacpa. For six weeks, the pigeons stay in the loft, regularly fed by the service provider. At the same time, he sterilizes a certain number of eggs to avoid too strong a reproduction. The pairs in the dovecote will thus bring to term only one brood per year instead of three, or even six”.

“This dovecote allows you to regulate births in a gentle way”

Mid-March, the service provider opens the dovecote to let the birds come and go as they please. Before they return to eat and lay eggs inside the dovecote since the food and the nests are there. “This dovecote can accommodate 125 nesting pairs: each lays two eggs during a brood. This contraceptive dovecote therefore regulates in a gentle way a colony which would have generated 750 pigeons/year”, notes the chosen one. A necessary regulation according to the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

“People feed the pigeons too much, assure Chantal Segui and Jean-Pierre David, of the Territotiale LPO Occitanie delegation. Without sterilization, it is impossible to reduce the number”. A type of dovecote which, on the other hand, does not convince Catherine Dehay, ecological engineer, specialist in these birds “it is insane to put 70 birds suddenly in a dovecote. I remain skeptical…”

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