Toulouse: former lawyer Pierre Benazech creates the game “Ténor” to improve his speech

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Improving one’s oral expression and general knowledge, better understanding the law, this is the triple objective of the “Ténor” game, developed by Pierre Benazech.

What is the offense of fraud? Why do lawyers wear robes? What is the corkage fee? Can we have a private life today? Here are some of the questions, simmered with small onions, by Pierre Benazech in “Ténor: who will be the best lawyer?” “.
A former business lawyer, now a legal consultant in technology transfer and a law teacher, this very chic 30-something from Toulouse had the idea of ​​inventing a board game. His goal ? Improve both general culture and oral expression and better understand the law. The idea came to him in 2015, when he was in a black blouse, “to make my friends laugh. It’s a game that parodies the world of lawyers,” explains Pierre Benazech. Pushed by his entourage, the Toulousain then decides to offer it to a wider audience, for that he will popularize it. Today, this game is even proving to be effective with its students, “because it makes the law accessible to everyone and above all it dusts it off because it is a living material and useful to everyone in everyday life”, recalls the jurist.
Composed of 150 cards, divided into 4 categories, in a small easily transportable box, “Ténor” allows you to play quick games of 15 minutes. “It’s a very simple, ultra-intuitive game. The first to score 5 points wins,” says Pierre Benazech. To do this, players must answer multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions or take up eloquence challenges, all after having drawn an avatar card which guides the course of the game. Passionate about law and “its little curiosities”, it was Pierre Benazech who worked out all the questions and some are not lacking in salt. “People with an appetite for the law will necessarily be attracted to this game, but everyone can play it,” he says. And for baccalaureate candidates, where the oral takes an important place, one could not dream of better training.
Sophie Vigroux*

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