Tours stumbles again on Monza in the final of the CEV Cup

This time the story did not stutter. As in 2017 against Trente, and like Narbonne on Tuesday evening, Tours hoped to ignite their CEV Cup final second leg against Monza, after a defeat in three straight sets in the first leg (0-3: 19-25, 19-25 , 22-25). But the Robert-Grenon room, sold out, only vibrated for an hour. By pocketing the first two sets, Vero Volley put an end to the suspense (final score 0-3: 24-26, 18-25, 23-25).

Martyred by the Italian block in the first leg, the Tourangeaux started their match well. A fine attack from Kevin Tillie then a counter by the Tokyo Olympic champion on the opposing star Gy├Ârgy Grozer offered a first break in favor of TVB (12-9). But Marcelo Fronckowiak’s players squandered their meager lead. The young Belarusian receiver-attacker Uladizlau Davyskiba (21) served the lead and took advantage of the spaces in the Touraine defense, already busy against Grozer and Donovan Dzavoronok.

The Davyskiba Poison

Vero Volley trailed 23-22 after a difficult attack from Luciano Palonsky, alone against a three-man block. But the following point changed everything. The Tourangeaux asked for a double touch from the opposing passer, rejected by the referees. Returning to height, Monza took the advantage and then concluded the round on his third set point, thanks to the inevitable Davyskiba (16 points, 63% success in attack).

As in each set of this final, Tours again tied the game until the middle of the second set (15-16)… before sinking. Davyskiba pulled another ace up his sleeve to start the Italian momentum. Grozer went there with his attack while touching to dig an almost definitive hole (16-22). And behind a final counter from Gianluca Galassi on Tillie (6 points at 28% in attack), Monza could already begin to exult.

Without stake, the third set also fell into the hands of Vero Volley who did not want to wait any longer to celebrate his first European title. Defeated for the first time this season at home, TVB ended their European epic on a sour note after scalping Modena and Belchatow on their way to the final. The Tourangeaux now have two chances to punctuate their season with a trophy: the Coupe de France (final phase from March 25 to April 2) and the Championship play-offs, from April 8.


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