towards the end of the reign of antidepressants?

In the public mind, as well as among many doctors, the misunderstanding of serotonin deficiency compensated by drugs continues. Ievgen Chabanov/motortion –

DESCRIPTION – Long presented as the “happy pills”, these drugs are far from a panacea and do not benefit all patients.

“Florence Foresti, comedian. 45 years old and 20 on antidepressants.” This is how the French’s favorite humorist presents himself in autofiction Order: %s, is currently broadcast on Canal+. Among his medications is likely a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It is actually the most prescribed class of antidepressants worldwide. SSRIs increase the concentration of serotonin, this neurotransmitter which allows communication between neurons and is often presented as the “happiness hormone”. SSRIs developed in the 1990s, led by fluoxetine (Prozac), quickly replaced older antidepressants because they are better tolerated. But their effectiveness and the relevance of their prescription to a very large public is regularly questioned.

This summer, the debate was revived after the publication of two new studies: one undermines the biological mechanism of the disease, and the other attacks the effectiveness…

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