Trefflean. Samuel Rousseau created his insurance agency

Samuel Rousseau is a general insurance agent for the Axa group, in health and wealth protection. Since February, he has offered his services to individuals and professionals. I offer personalized coverage that allows, for example, if you fall ill or become disabled, to obtain greater protection. I was made aware of the problem after having had relatives affected by the disease and by the experience of my wife, who works at the Nivillac hospital. I realized that support is not always enough.

This 50-year-old former salesman, originally from Lorient, decided, during confinement, to change course. After training, he started his own business. He works in the town but also throughout Morbihan. It also manages estates, inheritance rights and also retirement plans. I do not intervene for property insurance. It offers after a study of the situation, a free assessment. We are in 2022, we have to break the image of the insurer-thief. After a month, I don’t regret it. The human relationship is at the heart of my work, and that’s what I like.

Contact : Phone. 06 09 99 17 47; [email protected]


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