Trying rescue day for the 30 Million Friends Foundation!

In the space of a few hours, teams from the 30 Million Friends Foundation rescued around ten animals in distress in Pas-de-Calais. These little survivors have been placed in safety at the Tuilerie refuge (77) where they are pampered before they can be adopted.

Lawyers, investigators, trainers… All have mobilized to help dogs and cats in the Pas-de-Calais department (05/09/2022). These animals are now safe at the 30 Millions d’Amis shelter in St Hilliers, where they await a loving home.

The “3 little puppies”

Abandoned by their owner, three puppies lived locked in rabbit cages. Thanks to three investigators, they were rescued from this misery with the support of the police. Today, they are well cared for by our teams at the Tuilerie refuge who have baptized them Drover, Dodger and Danaé. Who could resist their pretty face?

A rather calm Filou!

At the age of 12, Filou found himself alone after the death of his masters. He was first hosted by a neighbor before being taken in at the Tuilerie refuge. It benefits from Operation Doyen, which facilitates the adoption of dogs aged 10 and over thanks to the payment of any veterinary costs, up to 600 euros. This Pinscher of quiet nature will prefer the company of a calm couple, without children. Let’s wish him to end his days surrounded by love!

Filou hopes to find a loving and calm family! ©30 Million Friends Foundation

Mila hopes for a miracle

Mila, a poor Jack Russel – unidentified – has been abandoned by her former masters. This ball of energy has a lot of love to give… except to felines! Awake, lively and intelligent, she will be able to cheer up her new family… in exchange for care and affection.

Poupy, the redhead

3 years old, a pretty ginger cat was donated to the 30 Million Friends Foundation. ” It was the police, alerted by a neighbor, who contacted merelates the volunteer investigator. The cat was on her own, without water or food. She never left the house and didn’t even have a litter box to do her business. “. We wish her to find the family she deserves!

Poupy is an adorable red-haired hunter. ©30 Million Friends Foundation

Pako the great griffin

A gentle 29-kilo griffin was neglected by those who took him in just a year ago. ” He ran away very often, so his keepers decided to lock him up in a closet.testifies our volunteer investigator. His living conditions were very bad “. Let’s hope he finds a loving family soon.

All these little proteges can be met by appointment. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Tuilerie refuge, in Saint-Hilliers in Seine-et-Marne, at


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