Tuberculosis: in contact with a patient during extracurricular time, 250 children must be screened

In a school in Calvados, a case of tuberculosis was detected in an adult. In contact with him on extracurricular time, 250 children must be screened until Thursday, April 14.

“I thought tuberculosis didn’t exist anymore!” Among the parents of students interviewed by our colleagues from, it is amazement. The Normandy edition of this media revealed this Wednesday the presence ofa case of tuberculosis at the Caumont-sur-Aure schoola town of 2,400 inhabitants located in Calvados.

Disease most often affecting the lungs and which can progress to death if it is not treated, tuberculosis has fallen sharply in France thanks to the public policies carried out in this area since the 1970s, indicates the Ministry of Health. “Although the disease is less and less frequent, vigilance is still required with regard to the multiplication of bacterial strains resistant to usually effective treatments.”

A contagious disease

As a reminder, the obligation to vaccinate children and adolescents was replaced in 2007 by a “strong recommendation for the most exposed children”. Contagious, the disease can be transmitted “by microsecretions suspended in the air by a person sick with tuberculosis, especially when coughing, talking, singing or sneezing”, specifies the Ministry of Health.

In total, in this Norman school, 250 children have been in contact with this person during extracurricular time and must be screened by this Thursday, April 14. Studied by a pulmonologist, the results will be returned to the parent by email or by post, specifies

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