two dogs charred and thrown into the ditch, the Venus association files a complaint

“It is all the more worrying that another burnt dog corpse was discovered in the same area, two weeks before. We should not be in the presence of a serial killer, ”says Laurent Blanchard-Talou, vice-president of the Venus association. “It is impossible to know if these dogs were burned while alive. I dare to hope not. In any case, this type of cruelty, so brutal and barbaric, is relatively rare: I simply remember similar events that occurred four or five years ago near Ambarès. »

Not burned in place

The condition of the carcasses makes identification of the animals difficult. “If the dog had a microchip, it probably melted. As for the tattoo, it can no longer be visible. It is presumed that it is, for the last animal found, a Malinois shepherd, but without certainty. Few clues have been uncovered. “Our municipal employee who went to the scene simply noted that the dog was not burned on the spot: around the remains, the grass was not damaged by the fire”, specifies the mayor of the town. commune Jean-Bernard Papin who intends, in turn, to file a complaint at the beginning of the week. “The dog must have been cremated elsewhere and dumped where it was found. »

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