Two female dogs who did not like to hunt saved by the SPA

Joly and Belle did not like hunting, which would have greatly displeased their former owner. The Rodez SPA then welcomed the two dogs “to avoid a tragic end to them”.

The two young canines lived in a kennel with other dogs used for hunting, but unlike their pairs, “they were afraid of gunshots and they did not hunt”, explains the SPA. The previous owner used to “to eliminate” the dogs he no longer needs. “Someone from his entourage contacted us and urged him to entrust them to us to save them from this terrible fate.”.

One of the female dogs was kept in a basement for “at least 6 days”, before seeing the light of day again and landing in the Ruthenian refuge. “After realizing that they were safe, Belle and Joly finally quickly placed their trust in us”, says the SPA.

“Sweet”, “playful”, “in need of caresses”, Belle and Joly are now looking for new families who would agree to adopt them.

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