two lawyers are revolutionizing the Luxembourg market


In 2019, Viviane de Moreau d’Andoy and Ulrike Jacquin-Becker founded Marjac Avocats, a law firm specializing in investment funds and regulatory matters in the Luxembourg market. Cohesion, collective work, human relationship, and 25 years of expertise, this is the recipe for success of Marjac Avocats.

Registered on list V of the Luxembourg Bar, Marjac Avocats was based on the desire of two lawyers to practice their profession as they see fit.

Friendship as a foundation

The existence of Marjac Avocats is due to the meeting, in the early 90s, of two young lawyers: Viviane de Moreau d’Andoy and Ulrike Jacquin-Becker. Within the same Luxembourg firm, they practice in the field of finance, a sector which may seem austere and extremely regulated, but in which they thrive. During these years, the two lawyers specialized in investment funds and refined their regulatory knowledge.

Their complicity develops within a large Luxembourg bank where they acquire more technical and practical knowledge of investment funds.

Subsequently, their paths separate professionally. Viviane and Ulrike decide to put on their suits as business lawyers but in two different large international firms. During this period, they are faced with the pressure of the financial market clock, the lack of human and proximity in the provision of services. If they no longer work together, their friendship remains intact.

On the strength of this observation, Ulrike and Viviane decided to take the plunge and found Marjac Avocats, the niche firm specializing in the investment fund sector and the regulatory field.

A desire to do things differently, this is the DNA of Marjac Avocats.

Marjac Avocats: two lawyers are revolutionizing the Luxembourg market Marjac Lawyers

A strong identity

From the beginning of its existence, Marjac Avocats wanted to affirm its identity, breaking with the standards of the Luxembourg market. Its two co-founders decided to put their mark on it and create a firm in their image: sincere, warm and dynamic.

Available and attentive, Viviane de Moreau d’Andoy and Ulrike Jacquin-Becker handle each case personally by putting people at the heart of each exchange. They completely dust off the business world by providing simple, quick and pragmatic answers to their customers.

Followers of fluid communication, lawyers do not mince words with their clients. They opt for frank and direct exchanges and are also characterized by a touch of humor which is gradually attracting more and more people.

At Marjac Avocats, Viviane de Moreau d’Andoy and Ulrike Jacquin-Becker have achieved the feat of combining competence with freshness.

A particular economic model

The firm is distinguished by an economic model based on its close proximity to clients.

The clear choice to only do investment funds and regulatory matters allows us to bring unrivaled expertise to the market.

The areas handled by Marjac Avocats are known for their complexity and the high pressure associated with it. The clients who contact the firm are businessmen in a hurry.

Efficiency is therefore essential and the applicant’s problem must be understood as quickly as possible. To achieve this, a work methodology based on permanent, effective and transparent communication has been put in place. These exchanges are the keystone of customer satisfaction because they make it possible to provide high quality service.

The collaboration is total. Each file is handled with four hands. For one case, there are 40 years of cumulative experience.

Expert services for clients seeking advice

Marjac Avocats deals with all aspects relating to investment funds. All types of investment vehicles are covered by the firm’s expertise: from mutual funds to SICAVs, from securities investment organizations to venture capital funds. The whole life of a hedge fund is accompanied by Marjac Avocats and all regulatory issues up to liquidation are taken into account.

In terms of regulatory matters, Marjac Avocats helps its clients find their way around the highly regulated financial sector. In this environment, it is absolutely essential to be aligned with the regulations to obtain licenses. It is this regulatory knowledge that gives customers added value.

The type of clients knocking on Marjac Avocat’s door are mainly promoters of investment funds, asset managers and investment banks. The firm also supports clients who take risks in the business world such as business angel.

The firm is imbued with the values ​​of its two founders. This philosophy is paying off. Customer feedback is extremely positive. Results that allow Marjac Avocats to plan its future. In the immediate future, the plan is to recruit new partners who carry within them the DNA of Marjac Avocats, in order to be able to invest, in the more distant future, in New York.


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