two people seriously injured after being attacked by dogs

A couple in their sixties was seriously injured after being attacked by dogs on Friday in Argily, Côte d’Or, learns 20 minutes source close to the case. According to our information, the gendarmes were alerted in the morning and quickly intervened to help the victims. When they arrived, they noticed the presence of two Staff dogs in the yard of a property. A woman injured by canids was lying in a garage. She was rescued by firefighters. On the other hand, help could not approach a man who was lying in the yard.

Indeed, one of the two dogs was particularly aggressive and the soldiers had no choice but to shoot him several times with their weapon. Affected, the animal died. The second dog fled before being captured by its owner. The two victims were evacuated to the Dijon University Hospital. They suffer from numerous open wounds as well as fractures, but their vital prognosis is not engaged. The owner of the dogs was arrested and taken into custody.

According to our information, his animals had already been taken from him in April 2021 after they attacked a couple of joggers. The victims had been issued 30 days of ITT. The animals had been returned to their owner after his trial in October 2021.

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