UK wants to ban Savannah breed cats

This breed of cat, resulting from a mixture between a domestic cat and an African serval, is very popular on social networks. Raising concern among the British authorities.

The United Kingdom wants to ban Savannah cats from its territory, a breed of hybrid cat resulting from a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, an African wild cat, as revealed by the British daily The Guardian.

Growing popularity on social networks

Across the Channel, the authorities are particularly concerned about the popularity of these animals on social networks. For example, the Instagram account @strykerthecat has more than 800,000 subscribers.

The profile description says the animal was “rescued from a cage”, and is a “professional chicken hunter”. Of the 1490 publications in the profile, we can notably observe the master of the animal feeding it with raw chicken carcasses.

In addition to their possible dangerousness, due to their imposing size and their muscles, these animals worry the authorities because their popularity threatens their well-being.

No laws relating to hybrid cats

Government sources told the Guardian that they planned to update the texts governing animal-related activities in the country.

“During this review, we will consider whether it is necessary to introduce license agreements for cat breeders, including restrictions on the breeding of certain types of cats,” the report said. Guardian these sources.

The daily underlines that there is currently no law applying to cats resulting from a hybridization between a domestic animal and a wild species.

On Twitter, the association dedicated to animal welfare The Wildheart Trust has launched a campaign called “#servival”, which aims to ban in the United Kingdom species of cats resulting from a mixture between a wild species and a domestic species. . By pointing out in particular that the animals abused by footballer Kurt Zouma in a video were Bengal cats, resulting from a mixture between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat.

Growing demand

She also reveals that at the beginning of the year, two servals were discovered in an apartment in France, malnourished and in poor physical condition. The objective of their owners according to the association? Hybridize them with domestic cats to obtain purebred Savannah cats.

Animal advocates fear that the growing demand for Savannah cats will endanger servals, also fueling the illegal wildlife trade.

In France, Savannahs are considered non-domestic animals. However, below 6kg, the animal can for the moment be possessed without specific authorization. But the ministerial decree of October 8, 2018 provides that anyone holding non-domestic animals in captivity must meet their needs. According to the specialized site, the legislation is currently being evaluated. In Australia, their import is already prohibited.

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