Ukraine: animals are also victims of war

Humans are not the only victims of the war in Ukraine.

Many animals died in the explosions. Others died of starvation. Those who survived are now abandoned.

HAS Kyiv, a veterinary clinic helped by dozens of volunteers is trying to help them. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, they have managed to save several hundred pets.

“Our mission is to help dogs who come from the towns of Boutcha, Irpin, and Hostelel”Explain Mariia Salienko who works at the clinic Acti vet.

“They lost their homes and their owners. Some of them still have owners but they ran away leaving them. are in good health, we are finding them a new home. We are doing everything to save as many cats and dogs as possible.”she continues at the microphone of our journalist.

The animals arrive at the clinic starving and injured by bomb fragments. They receive all the necessary care.

Once back on their feet, the lucky ones manage to find a home. The animals are photographed by amateur photographers and then posted on the clinic’s website to facilitate their adoption.

All rooms in the clinic are occupied by animals and by volunteers. Dogs and cats must be accompanied 24 hours a day.

Every day new animals arrive.


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