Ukraine: Mariupol residents forced to eat their pets

The inhabitants of Mariupol live, trapped, under the bombs and in such distress that some are forced to eat their pets.

Mariupol, a martyr city, has suffered bombardments and fighting since the end of February. Russian forces prevent any aid or evacuations.

This Friday, the Red Cross ruled that it was “impossible” to evacuate civilians. The inhabitants are struggling to feed themselves, no longer finding anything to eat.

Destroyed or looted food sites

“The blockade makes any humanitarian convoy impossible,” Sergei Orlov, deputy mayor of Mariupol, told BFMTV. He clarified that the remnants of food that existed in town were “either destroyed during the bombardments or looted by our own inhabitants who are simply looking for food.”

Those who cook in the streets, bombarded

The deputy mayor said that “sometimes we even start cooking the pets because there is nothing left to eat. It is absolutely terrible.”

He also explained that people were eating in the streets but many were dying, being bombarded by the Russians.

About 2,530 people, including 710 children, have so far been evacuated from the Mariupol conurbation, according to the deputy mayor. There are still 150,000 people trapped and in danger in Mariupol.

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