After Serhiy Stakhovsky, Alexandr Dolgopolov decided to take up arms in Ukraine. The former world number 13, who officially ended his career in May 2021, himself communicated his decision on Instagram. “I came back to defend our country and help however I canhe announces. When the war broke out, I was in Turkey where I took my mother and my sister because I knew there was the possibility of an even greater conflict..”

I didn’t become Rambo in a week, but…

Roland Garros

Mauresmo: “At this stage, Russian and Belarusian players will be accepted at Roland-Garros”


A few days after the beginning of the conflict, I started to learn how to use weapons (…) A former soldier taught me how to shoot. I didn’t become Rambo in a week, but I managed to aim for the head from a distance of 25 meters three out of five times in a calm and practice environment.“, writes the former tennis player, who also recounts his journey to kyiv. He flew to Zagreb (Croatia) before reaching Poland by car. Then, finally, heading for his city: kyiv.

I want to thank all the celebrities who decided to stay on the battlefield“, he concluded, calling Vladimir Putin “mad dictator“and assuring that he would stay”until victory” of Ukraine. Before posting this symbolic message on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of his weapons: “Before, I used rackets and ropes. Now this.”

In Ukraine, therefore, there is also another tennis player, Sergiy Stakhovski, 36, who hopes “not having to use a gun“, he confided to the BBC, even if he says he knows”how to use one“. Known for having beaten Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2013, in the 2nd round, Stakhovski had retired after the last Australian Open in January. In addition to Dolgopolov and Stakhovski, there are also several other sports personalities in kyiv, starting with the legend of Ukrainian boxing and sport, Vitali Klitschko, current mayor of kyiv, and his brother, Vladimir, also a long-time world heavyweight champion, who signed up with the reserves.

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Franulovic: “Medvedev, Djokovic, Nadal… Everyone will be there in Monte-Carlo”


Roland Garros

Djokovic and Russian players “for now” welcome at Roland-Garros