“IHe smells of powder like no one else. It is a Ukrainian fighter like no other that President Volodymyr Zelensky decorated with a medal of honor on Monday, May 9. It’s a… dog! Patron – that’s his name – has been rewarded for his work and his bravery since the start of the war in Ukraine. This Jack Russel terrier has been converted to a mine clearance dog and, according to its owner, has detected more than 200 explosive devices since February 24, reports BFMTV.

Volodymyr Zelensky presented his Medal of Honor to Patron in the presence of Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister visiting kyiv. Mikhail, the master of the fearless little dog, was also decorated during this beautiful ceremony.

Mikhail, head of the Chernihiv demining squad, explained on BFMTV that Patron was not originally “a service dog” at all, but simply the family dog. He is “trained for hunting” and has been able, during his walks with Mikhail, to develop his sense of smell.

Boss, very invested in his mission

Boss has quickly taken up the fold of his new mission and he is the pride of his master. “He smells of powder like no one else!” So, when he finds it, he barks to let us know, and then we take over,” said Mikhail, with great pride.

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Besides these dogs transformed into toy soldiers, Ukrainians are doing everything to save their pets, which are not at all left out, but on the contrary cherished like never before. Thousands of dogs or cats have been moved with their masters and the stray animals that remain in the disaster-stricken towns are protected by the civilians still there.