Ukrainian refugee cat Miky has found a foster family

The little white and gray cat arrived from Ukraine and entrusted to the Strasbourg SPA on March 31, found a family to adopt him in a few days. Its owners had been killed in bombings in kyiv.

His story quickly attracted attention and empathy: Miky was saved from the bombings in kyiv at the end of March. Its owners were not so lucky. The cat was brought back by two Ukrainians who fled their country and arrived in Strasbourg with the animal on March 31. They entrusted him to the SPA, which went looking for a foster family.

“We had a lot of calls as soon as we shared his story and photos of him. On our site, his profile had 30,000 visits”, we are told at the SPA. A particular profile by its history therefore, but also its age: 20 years for the tomcat, a venerable age which requires a lot of attention.

“The family we found has time for him, and the cat experience, which is what we were looking for…If something is wrong, they will see it and know what to do.”

Miky must still be examined at length by the veterinarian, before his new owners come to see him this Wednesday, April 13, for a first contact. If it requires special care, the SPA will take care of it, as is the case when adopted animals are old. Then, in exchange for a simple donation, Miky will be their new pet.

A story that found a happy ending in a few days. But the SPA reminds us that many very cute cats are still waiting for adoption…

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