Ukrainian soldiers rescue puppy buried in rubble

In Donetsk, a master found his puppy buried under the debris of his house, after it was bombed by the Russian army.

In the Donetsk region, Russian strikes hit the house of a 77-year-old man. The owner of the house survived the attack but his puppy was buried under the rubble. Rescuers were eventually able to pull the dog from the rubble and save his life.

Animals Affected by War

With the war, pets find themselves abandoned, dead or taken in by associations. Some stories end well, like that of the cat Stepan from the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine, who became a star on the Instagram social network and who now lives in France, brought back by Monegasques.

In Odessa, abandoned cats are collected in an Orthodox monastery, where volunteers look for a new master for them. According to an NGO, at least 900,000 pets have been left behind by their owners in Ukraine.

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