Unemployment insurance, taxes, health pass … What changes in December

New rules, dates to remember… Le Figaro takes stock of the deadlines to keep in mind for this new month.

As December 1 approaches, the date that marks the countdown to the end-of-year celebrations, Le Figaro takes stock of what awaits us:

Unemployment insurance: the last part of the reform comes into force

The last part of the unemployment insurance reform, tightening access to compensation, comes into force on Wednesday. Employees whose employment contract ends on this date are affected by these two new measures which modify access to Pôle emploi compensation.

  • Concretely, from December 1, you will need to have worked six months, instead of four currently, over the last 24 months (36 months for those over 53) to open your rights to unemployment insurance.
  • The second measure concerns the degression (by about -30%) of unemployment benefits for the highest incomes. From now on, for people under the age of 57 at the end of their employment contract and whose salary exceeds 4,500 euros gross per month, the degression applies from the seventh month instead of nine currently. The degression will take place from March 2022 at the earliest for people who opened their right to unemployment on 1er July 2021.

Sanitary pass

  • From the December 15, if you are over 65, your health pass will be subject to the injection of a third dose of vaccine against Covid-19. After this date, all people over 65 who cannot justify a complete vaccination scheme will lose the validity of the precious sesame.

A few dates to remember:

  • Tax credit : employment of a home helper for childcare, cleaning, donations or union dues… If you benefit from a tax credit or reduction, you have until December 9 to modify or refuse the advance of 60% of your tax credit in January 2022 and thus avoid any reimbursement of an overpayment next summer. The process is done from your private space on the tax website.
  • Income tax: If you made a mistake on your 2021 income tax return, you have until December 15 next, closing date of the service, to modify your declaration in your personal space on the taxes.gouv.fr website.
  • Tax on vacant dwellings: if you have owned a dwelling that has been unoccupied for at least one year, you must pay the tax on vacant dwellings or the council tax on vacant dwellings before the December 15, 2021 or December 20 by telepayment. According to the municipalities, it is a tax on vacant housing (TLV) if the property is located in a tight area, and a housing tax on vacant housing (THLV) if you are not in tense area.


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