Unions demand insurance for gold miners and the opening of new prospecting areas

Unions working in the field of gold panning in Mauritania have requested the establishment of insurance for gold washers and the opening of new prospecting areas.

These requests were made on Saturday, during a day of consultation which brought together the representatives of certain unions working in the field of surface gold exploration during which the establishment of a legal framework been discussed in cooperation with the authorities concerned.

The participants in this consultation day asked that priority be given to ordinary gold miners and their safety, through the organization of awareness campaigns during which the dangers of certain practices used in the field of gold panning.

The unions and actors present in the field have also asked investors and other partners to draft a law organizing the practice with the participation of the unions active in the field.

The gold panning activity in Mauritania now generates substantial revenues which would have exceeded 328 billion MRO according to the central bank of Mauritania.

Nearly two months ago, the Mauritanian president announced that gold panners active in the north of the country have created added value for the Mauritanian economy, which has contributed to its balance.

Ould Ghazouani had promised to stand alongside gold miners under all conditions whether they are nationals, foreigners or foreign investors, saying that he will give instructions so that all their requests are examined and that those which can be are satisfied. .

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