United States – They abandon their dog because they think he is gay

A shelter in North Carolina reported an abandonment as aberrant as appalling. The owners of a dog named Fezco no longer wanted him because they were convinced he was homosexual… They rejected him and entrusted him to the shelter.

The shelter in Albermarle, Stanly County, said Fezco’s owners saw him climb on top of another young male dog – a common canine behavior that isn’t necessarily sexual, notes ‘The Independent’. So they thought he was gay and decided to dump him. The shelter’s Facebook post about Fezco has since been deleted, citing homophobic comments, according to US media.

Local broadcaster WCCB explained that the dog is now looking for a new home. The 4-5 year old black and brown animal weighs just over 20 pounds and is described as friendly with both humans and other animals.

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