United States – They find their dog after… twelve years



A Californian family has rescued Zoey, a dog that vanished in 2010.

Zoey, ready to return to her home after 12 years away.

Zoey, ready to return to her home after 12 years away.

San Joaquin County Police

Huge surprise for a family in Lafayette, California. She has recovered her dog Zoey, who disappeared twelve years ago.

The dog was abandoned by a car in the countryside near Stockton. He was picked up by a person who notified the police, finding that the animal seemed old and sick. An animal services officer then scanned the dog’s microchip and discovered that he had been missing since 2010. He was believed to be dead.

Officer Brandon Levin, who scanned the chip, then obtained the contact details of its owner and placed a phone call to the family. “She was completely in shock,” he said, reports the BBC.

Owner of the dog, Michelle said she picked him up from the pound when the animal was just 6 months old. Six months later, she had walked into a store, tying her dog outside. But when she came out, he was gone. Since then, no more news.

Impossible to know where Zoey lived during these ten long years. But he was not very far: he was found a hundred kilometers from Lafayette.

San Joaquin County Police posted a video on Facebook. We see Zoey installed on blankets in the back of Michelle’s car, who is about to take him home. She said she was delighted, explained that she was going to put him back on his feet before letting him live the rest of his life quietly.

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