“Unscrupulous puppy trade” on the rise in Switzerland

The increased attraction of the Swiss for pets is felt in the figures. After customs, which indicated in March that they had noticed a increase in illegal animal importsit is this Tuesday the Swiss Animal Protection Association (PSA) which is concerned: the total number of very young puppies imported into Switzerland, legally or not, is experiencing a spectacular jump.

The contingent of puppies between the ages of 8 and 15 weeks is experiencing the strongest growth. Over the four years from 2016 to 2019, there were between 9100 and 9800 imports. In 2020, we went to 12,280 and 15,157 in 2021. “This is a new record,” says PSA. The figure, overall, does not say whether it is commercial or private imports, but the association is nevertheless alarmed, because these dogs, in addition to being possibly not protected against rabies (read box)could come from the “unscrupulous trade in puppies of dubious origin”, alarms PSA.

“The offer of dogs bred in Switzerland under controllable and, if possible, animal welfare-compliant conditions is far from being sufficiently extensive to satisfy the growing demand. Unscrupulous dog traffickers, organized as a mafia, take advantage of this gap to offer dogs for sale, mainly via the Internet. This lucrative trade, which amounts to millions, generates massive animal suffering in the countries of production and in Switzerland”, denounces PSA, which demands that our country aligns itself with the European legal framework. (read below).

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