Unusual – Geneva: thieves mow the mane of a horse

An astonishing theft took place last week in a stable in a town in the western canton of Geneva. During the night of Thursday to Friday, one or more thieves cut off a horse’s mane and took it away.

Named Asterix, the “shorn” horse is not of a particular breed and has no pedigree, but he had a particularly long and well-groomed mane, reports the “Tribune de Genève”. Its owner is also in contact with a professional care brand and she has done photo shoots with Asterix. It is also not impossible that mane thieves have spotted that of this horse in photos published on social networks.

In any case, it seems that it was Asterix who was targeted. “The cut is rather straight, it was not done anyhow, quickly,” notes its owner. Who explains that it will take 3 or 4 years for the mane to regain its superb.

Even if there is strictly speaking no mutilation, a complaint has been filed. The Geneva daily explains that the hair of certain breeds of horses can cost several hundred francs per kilo and is used by upholsterers, luthiers and jewellers. But even if a few similar cases have been observed in the past, no thief has been identified and to the knowledge of the cantonal veterinarian, there is no horsehair trafficking in the canton.

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