Unusual. He lived with more than fifty cats at home


This is information published on the website of the daily Var-Matin. A resident of Saint-Raphaël (Var) died suddenly, leaving more than fifty cats on his property without resources. The family of the deceased found themselves completely helpless in the face of the situation and decided to appeal to several animal protection associations.

Call for donations

The animals are visibly healthy and several females are even waiting to give birth. “The owner must have loved his cats since they are well fed,” said Kimberley Deloffre, president of the Riviera’s pets association, who visited the site. “But he allowed himself to be overtaken and let them proliferate” More than fifty cats have been counted, stray cats have joined the existing community and many kittens are yet to be born. “It’s the number that’s problematic,” she explains. “All must be sterilized and many need care.”

For sterilization alone, the cost is estimated at 4,000 euros, without additional veterinary care. The relatives of the disappeared gave 1,000 euros to the association, but the account is not there. “We hope for help from the municipality. We have also opened a kitty to obtain donations, either financial or material, croquettes or others” notes the president.

Facing the emergency

To deal with the emergency, the volunteers have already collected and cared for future mothers and sick cats. “We worked from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. Sunday to capture thirty-seven cats,” says Kimberley Deloffre. If several associations from the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes have come to lend a hand and take care of the felines, she nevertheless needs to find “foster families to offer, again, a peaceful life to these cats”.

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