Unusual. This 26-year-old dog is arguably one of the oldest in the world

Skippy is a border collie like no other. This 26-year-old dog is considered the oldest in Ireland and one of the oldest in the world. In human years, 26 years would indeed correspond to more than 130 years!

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The pooch and its owner have been inseparable since the mid-90s. Once upon a time, Skippy was a farm dog, like many other dogs of the same breed as him. Now retired, “it’s my turn to take care of him now”, explains his master to My Modern Met. With age, Skippy has indeed lost his hearing and sometimes needs help to move, especially to get up.

Although there is no official document to prove the age of the animal, some family members as well as neighbors vividly remember the puppy’s arrival on the farm in the 1990s. he still has many good years to live…

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