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50 euros offered on the CARAC Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant contract!

Deadline to take advantage : 07/31/2022

Description : Retraite Mutualiste du Combatant: €50 offered to all new members. From April 1 to July 31, 2022, new Carac members subscribing to the Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant will receive 50 euros in the form of multi-brand gift vouchers (offer subject to conditions).

Other info : In the event of sponsorship by a Carac member, a multi-brand gift voucher worth 50 euros is sent to the sponsor.


Created in 1923, under the right to compensation for veterans and victims of war, the Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant (RMC) is a funded pension system with financial participation from the State.

Who can benefit from the Retraite Mutualiste du Combatant (RMC)?

Military personnel on foreign operations, veterans of North Africa, Indochina, etc., or victims of war, many of you are wondering about the Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant. It is reserved for you under the right to compensation for services rendered to the Nation. This right is granted to you by the legislation and regulations in force updated by the permanent action of the Carac and associations of Veterans and Victims of war with which we cooperate closely.

Saving for retirement

The Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant is a single-unit life insurance product denominated in euros intended to set up a deferred life annuity for veterans and victims of war. The purpose of the contract is to build up a supplementary pension in an advantageous tax framework.

The conditions for joining the Retraite Mutualiste du Combatant

To subscribe to a Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant, it is necessary to meet at least one of these three conditions:

  • Hold a Nation Recognition Title (TRN),
  • Be a holder of the Combatant’s Card,
  • Be recognized as a War Victim (spouses, children or parents of a Veteran who “died for France in a military capacity”).

The benefits of the Mutualist Combatant Retreat

A triple valuation:

  1. An annuity increased by the State from 12.5% ​​to 60% during the collection phase depending on the conflict in which you participated, the title you hold and the date on which it was obtained,
  2. An annual revaluation of the State to offset, at least in part, the effects of inflation,
  3. A bonus from the Charac, set annually by its Board of Directors

Income tax reduction

Payments deductible from your taxable income. The advantageous taxation of life insurance in terms of inheritance: in the event of death, the capital is transferred to your beneficiaries excluding inheritance tax.

Optimize your pension with the “reserved” or “alienated” modes

• With the “reserved” mode: you benefit from your half-yearly pension and, in the event of death, the sums you have paid will be reimbursed to the beneficiary(ies) of your choice.

• With the “alienated” mode: you benefit from a higher pension than with the “reserved” capital, but in the event of death, no capital is paid.

Warning : Investments made in units of account present a risk of capital loss, and are not guaranteed by the insurer. Its commitment is limited to the number of units of account held and not to their value. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and is not constant over time.

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