Valbuena regrets Leonardo and Verratti’s comments against arbitration

Rothen demands respect for Antonetti

Launched in a fine defense by Frédéric Antonetti, Jérôme Rothen insisted on the fact that he preferred a boiling coach like the Metz coach rather than overly sanitized people who do not say what they really think. In the show Rothen ignites on RMC, the former PSG midfielder asked that we not forget what Antonetti had brought to French football.

“Jocelyn Gourvennec at a press conference, don’t tell me he didn’t see the altercation because the whole stadium saw it. And well, Jocelyn Gourvennec, he didn’t see it and said that he was focused on the match. We prefer that he not give his opinion when he thinks no less than to give his opinion even if it means being criticized? Knowing Antonetti a little, I think that he and his assistant must have said to themselves that he should perhaps not have reacted like that with Sylvain Armand and that he will accept the sanction, estimated Jérôme Rothen. But that one stops telling me that he must be condemned because this coach is completely crazy. Respect him already. In relation to his age, in relation to what he has brought to French football, in relation to his perpetual questioning. When we hold several clubs like he did it by obtaining good results, it is that there is a big questioning. I am for him and I do not want to put all the coaches s French in the same box. There are enough to have guys trained in the same way and who all react with a nice suit to never say a word higher than the other. Antonetti, we know what he thinks.”

Rothen defends Antonetti after his outburst against Lille

Expelled during the trip from Metz to Lille for an overly vehement reaction, Frédéric Antonetti received the support of Jérôme Rothen on Monday. The RMC Sport consultant wanted to salute the position of the Messin coach who remained straight in his boots and defended his club.

“He considers himself to be the victim of an injustice? But he is. It’s not that he considers himself to be a victim, he is. I saw the videos, we saw what is happening, how Olivier Létang and Sylvain Armand come to put pressure on the fourth referee. He is next to all that, and he reacts when he sees it, said the former PSG player in the show Rothen ignites on RMC. He He still has the right to react, right? He has two managers from a big club who have no business there and who put pressure on the fourth referee when there are five minutes left. As he said, some coaches would lower their heads before sitting on their bench. But he has that personality. We’re not going to blame him for reacting.”

Nantes-PSG: Valbuena pays Leonardo and Verratti after their exit against arbitration

Present in Rothen ignites, this Monday on RMC, the former attacking midfielder of OM, OL and the Blues Mathieu Valbuena reacted to the comments of Leonardo and Marco Verratti on arbitration after Nantes-PSG.

“PSG came across a big Nantes team who deserved their victory, and I would have liked that at the end of the match, Leonardo like Verratti said it – even if they said it a little. Mistakes, Mr. Lesage did, there is no problem, believes the Olympiacos player. On Mbappé’s penalty, there must be a second yellow and therefore red. There is also the story of additional time … But Verratti has to stop talking like that at some point. He just talks on the pitch. I have nothing against him, he’s a great player, but when PSG had advantages, getting a penalty against Lyon for example, there is in the end a balance. You lose, you are silent, and you question yourself. I find it small. (…) There was a defeat, fully deserved. I would have liked that the players and Leonardo made themselves small. That’s what I blame for this kind of outing. Yes, the referee made mistakes, but PSG also had an advantage in previous matches. And we don’t didn’t hear the Parisians.”

Reims-Brest: the two clubs react after potential racist insults against Belaïli

A journalist present in the stands during the Reims-Brest match this Sunday denounced racist insults towards the Algerian Youcef Belaïli. The day after the meeting, the two clubs reacted in a press release. For the time being, there is no irrefutable proof of such remarks against the Algerian international according to the Rémois and Brestois who strongly condemn any possible racist act.

“Stade Brestois 29 joins Stade de Reims in strongly condemning the comments relayed, if however they prove to have been made. Unspeakable comments, which have no place in a football stadium or in any other place of our company, assured the two teams in a joint statement. If there is currently no tangible evidence (photos, videos, concordant testimonies) to characterize the offense, the two clubs are working together to attempt to identify the perpetrators of these alleged insults.”

According to information from RMC Sport, the LFP Disciplinary Committee remains very cautious for the moment on this subject. She is awaiting the official report which should arrive on Monday afternoon. For his part, a source close to the Amazon broadcaster indicates that “if visual or audio evidence exists, it can be transmitted to the LFP.”

Armand will also be heard by the Disciplinary Committee

Involved in the altercation with Frédéric Antonetti during Lille-Metz, the sports coordinator of LOSC Sylvain Armand will also be heard by the disciplinary committee of the LFP. He will be heard either as a witness or as the author of remarks which would have been heard by the linesman.


Metz defends Antonetti after the incidents

Three days after the expulsion of Frédéric Antonetti during the match against LOSC, FC Metz published a press release to provide some details and defend their coach. “Following the expulsion of Edon Zhegrova in stoppage time, the leaders of LOSC appeared on the edge of the lawn in order to put pressure on the fourth referee. Despite the request of the technical staff of Metz to stop Invective the refereeing corps, the Lille leaders continued, initially from the edge of the lawn, from where they are not intended to follow the match, then in the technical zone of Frédéric Antonetti, reserved for the visiting coach. While he had first pushed them out of his technical area, Frédéric Antonetti was the victim of inappropriate comments from one of the Lille leaders, judges the Grenats press release. which could have affected the outcome of the match, while the garnet club is fighting to stay among the elite, Frédéric Antonetti reacted to defend the interests of his team.

The Antonetti case studied on Wednesday by the disciplinary committee

Friday evening the meeting between Lille and Metz was marked by excesses on the bench, between Sylvain Armand and Frédéric Antonetti. The Messin coach was sanctioned with a red card. According to our information, the LFP Disciplinary Committee will examine this file on Wednesday. The latter could be placed under investigation with a measure taken as a precaution. It all depends on the qualification chosen. The coach risks between 2 matches (for excessive behavior) and 4 months of suspension (attempted brutality). Concerning Sylvain Armand, the commission is waiting to see if the referee’s report justifies a summons or a sanction. The body should also rely on the images of the broadcaster Amazon with in particular an isolated camera on Frédéric Antonetti.

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Guendouzi’s response to Payet’s criticism

After OM’s defeat against Clermont (0-2), Mattéo Guendouzi reacted to the words of Dimitri Payet, who admitted that “we had to deflate the heads a little”

“Everyone is free to say what they want. We had chances to score but we have to tell the truth, we didn’t have a great game. We weren’t good and we’ll have to get back to the game. work. Clermont came here to play, even if they didn’t have many chances they were efficient. It’s not a good game for us. We’re lucky to be second again today “Today, to have a lot of points ahead of those who are supposed to play Europe this season. I believe in this team, we will win the next matches”, confided the Marseille midfielder in the mixed zone.

PSG: Leonardo and Verratti in the sights of the ethics commission?

Leonardo and Marco Verratti returned to the decisions of the referee against Nantes (3-1) with strong words, at the end of the meeting, at the microphone of the broadcaster Canal +. The National Ethics Council of the FFF is considering taking up the case, following the statements made against French arbitration. But for the moment, no procedure has been launched.

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The VAR “worked normally” during Nantes-PSG

The 25th day of Ligue 1 ended last night with a success from Clermont to Marseille (2-0). But this championship weekend was marked by challenges to arbitration decisions. Especially during the meeting between Nantes and Paris Saint-Germain. According to a federal source, the VAR “worked normally” during this poster. It was also used during the penalty awarded to the Parisians before the hour mark. On the other hand, it did not intervene after Nicolas Pallois’ tackle on Kylian Mbappé. Neither the central referee nor the linesman made a decision when they were away from the action.

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Bordeaux: Gérard Lopez’s message for maintenance

After the draw against Monaco this Sunday (1-1), Bordeaux remains the bottom of the championship. But not enough to demobilize Gérard Lopez, who left a voluntary message to players and supporters.

PSG asked to meet the head of referees

As revealed this Monday by L’Equipe and confirmed by RMC Sport, Leonardo wrote a letter last November to Pascal Garibian, technical director of arbitration (DTA), to ask him for a meeting, which did not take place in this day. Last Saturday, the Parisian leader again castigated the arbitration of the Ligue 1 meeting between Nantes and PSG (3-1).

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