Vaud: In search of the lost peacock


A bird escaped from the aviary he shared with his brother, away from the village of Sépey, on the edge of the forest. The owners are doing their best to find him.

The last disappearance of a peacock took place a month ago in Geneva. Here, a phasianidae at the Servion zoo (VD).

Florian Cella (24 hours archive)

“We don’t have any clues. Not a feather to help us”, despairs the owner of a peacock. His bird, called Pa, recently disappeared from the large aviary, built on a spacious plot outside the village of Le Sépey, next to the family chalet. Located on the edge of the forest under the Pierre du Moëllé, the aviary still houses the brother of the deceased, a certain We. The two birds come from Gros-de-Vaud and are two years old. They had been living together for several months.

“We don’t know how he got out of the aviary we had built to protect them from predators,” the family explained to the daily “24 heures”. The owners hope that the cries of the phasianidae We will reach his brother before a wild beast devours him. A resident of the village, however, saw the peacock last Friday near the property. If the family walks in the town of Ormont-Dessous (VD) to find it at all costs, no more sign of life of the peacock has been given since.


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