Vaud – The “lion” of Épalinges has been found, the case is closed


The Vaudois cantonal veterinarian service is said to have identified a dog that was mistaken for the big cat that set an entire region in turmoil.

It would be a dog having escaped the vigilance of its master.

It would be a dog having escaped the vigilance of its master.

Vaud cantonal police

The highly publicized affair of the “lion” of Épalinges had its epilogue. The fawn, which would in reality be a large dog, could be identified, reports “24 hours”.

Without giving any information on the breed or the identity of the owner, the cantonal veterinary service indicates that it has located the animal which had sparked a real commotion in the Vaud commune.

According to “24 hours”, it would be a dog having escaped the vigilance of its master and not a stray dog, as it could have been suspected. The cantonal veterinarian has now closed the case.

Super Puma

As a reminder, the Vaud cantonal police had been notified last Thursday, March 31 that an animal resembling a wild cat had been spotted in Epalinges. A vast research system was then deployed and an army Super Puma helicopter, equipped with a thermal camera, was mobilized.

The footprints discovered near the place where the animal was seen had finally invalidated the track of a big cat, the cantonal veterinarian favoring that of a big dog.

But the matter had been taken very seriously. As a precaution, the pupils of several schools had been deprived of playgrounds and of any trip outside.

In addition to the helicopter, the operation required the commitment of several gendarmerie and mixed patrols, the municipal police of Lausanne, the canine brigade, the DARD, the security police and the wildlife police. -nature.


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