Vehicle, home… Here is the procedure to follow if you have been a victim of the storm Eunice

Storm Eunice swept across Belgium on Friday, causing a lot of damage. Here is the procedure to follow if you have been the victim of material damage due to this weather incident.

First of all, if you have been the victim of a climatic hazard and your material goods are damaged, the first reflex is to “save the furniture”. As an insured, it is indeed mandatory to take all the necessary precautions to prevent the situation from getting worse, as far as possible of course and as long as it does not entail any danger. If your insurer manages to prove that this has not been done, it may limit its compensation.

Secondly, once your possessions have been secured as far as possible, it is time to contact your insurance intermediary. They will be able to give you a personalized procedure to follow according to your situation. Many insurers even provide claim forms (damage form) online, which makes it easier. Notifying your insurer quickly helps to minimize the processing time of the file.

Also, do not attempt any repairs except in an emergency and do not throw anything away, as the expert might ask to see even what is unrecoverable. The FPS Economoie also advises to draw up a precise inventory of the damage, photos and any supporting intervention reports.

Damage to the home

Any fire insurance contract must cover the storm, including hail and flooding due to said storm.

If the damage is such that your house is no longer habitable, you are entitled to assistance from your insurer to cover the cost of occupying temporary accommodation. If you have already found free relocation, the sole unavailability of accommodation can possibly be compensated.

In all cases, it is necessary to read your insurance contract carefully, in particular to check in the general conditions whether the storm corresponds to the characteristics provided for by the regulations, what is covered or excluded, or whether a deductible is applicable.

Damage to the vehicle

Regarding your vehicle, the omnium insurance covers all damage, whatever the cause. Exact coverage varies as this insurance is optional, but “forces of nature” is a standard coverage of omnium contracts, even limited omniums.

For those who do not have omniumn insurance, and in the event that the origin of the damage is an object belonging to a third party, the responsibility of this third party may be engaged. In the case of a neighbor’s tree falling on your car, for example. The FPS Economy therefore advises to call on a legal protection or family liability/private life insurer.

Damage to third-party installations

Destroyed annex, damaged greenhouse or swimming pool… These elements can be excluded from the coverage of your fire insurance. Once again, do not delay in checking the exact conditions of your contract.

In addition, even in the event of exclusion from this cover, the civil liability of a third party may be engaged. It will then be necessary to call on a legal protection insurer or family liability again.

This also applies in the opposite situation, if a tile in your house damages the neighbour’s veranda…

It is best to contact the legal protection or family liability/private life insurer as soon as possible, to have the possibility of settling the dispute amicably.

Last resort

Finally, if you do not agree with the compensation provided by your insurer, you are advised to contact the Insurance Ombudsman.

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