Vet ‘sings’ to rescued pup to help him get back on his feet

There are professionals who enjoy and love what they do. A veterinarian, who was caring for a three-month-old rescued puppy at the time, was moved by the animal’s struggle to survive street abuse.

So to comfort him, he took her in his arms and began to sing her lullabies. The dog snuggled into his arms, feeling the affection for him. Another person who was at the scene then recorded this emotional moment and shared it on social networks. This is how the moving video went viral.

Vet sings to rescued pup to help him get back on his feet

It is comforting to know that there are people who do not see their work as an obligation or a chore, but who enjoy it.

According to the Amo Meu Pet website, the veterinarian Dr. Giovana and Pituco saved a stray three or four month old black puppy that was found by a clinic client. The canine’s health was in poor condition, he was severely anemic and had no strength to move.

Doctor Giovana was touched by the plight of the poor puppy and for that he feels safe and comfortable in this place, he has done an act of love. The doctor began to sing a lullaby, lulling the canine with his love and gentle voice.

Although the vet did it to comfort the pup, the receptionist at the place, a girl named Stefanie, was so moved by the scene that she asked permission to film, which Giovana accepted.

“She stopped and said ‘let me film this scene because it’s so beautiful’. And she did! Without filter, without editing, without intention. Just from the heart ».

It is certainly nice to see that this little dog is in good hands who would do anything to see him move forward. Everyone deserves a second chance and Pituco will surely recover and have a forever family.

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