Veterinary students launch a sterilization mission, volunteers wanted for awareness

The press release:

The REVEZ association, in partnership with the Toulouse veterinary student association BAYLENE, is organizing a sterilization and local identification campaign with dog and cat owners located in targeted areas of the TCO.

This mission will take place from August 09 to 22, 2022, within the limit of available slots. Financial support will cover sterilization and identification, as well as antibiotic treatment if necessary. The transport of the animal can possibly be ensured thanks to the establishment of an animal taxi.

In order to act as close as possible to the population, volunteers and mediators from the TCO will raise awareness among potential beneficiaries by going door-to-door and distributing flyers. This pilot project is made possible thanks to the financial participation of the TCO, the State via the Recovery Plan and the SNDA. The priority is to sterilize animals that have masters, because it has been shown that with a stronger reproductive power, they are the ones who come to maintain animal wandering on our island.

This action responds well to the ideas proposed during the Seminar on animal wandering, organized on June 24th. The TCO is also committed to continuing its support for associative projects.

The students, who will practice the surgical procedures, will be supervised by practicing veterinarians who make their skills, their time, their equipment and their premises available on time slots according to their availability.

To carry out this project, REVEZ and BAYLENE are launching a call for volunteers to help them raise awareness among dog and cat owners and manage appointments, which will be made by telephone on 0693 530 613. You can contact them at this number or preferably by email to [email protected]


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