Victim of a serious accident, this young woman can count on the precious help of her assistance dog

Service dog Ruby changed Megan Taylor’s life. Victim of an accident, this resident of Kingston-Upon-Thames (England) needed help on a daily basis.

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The life of Megan Taylor changed 10 years ago when it was the victim of a serious accident. Following a brutal fall, the then 15-year-old Englishwoman suffered a head injury. His vision, hearing and balance were unfortunately damaged.

Since that fateful date, Megan is regularly plagued by fainting spells. The small gestures of everyday life have become difficult for him…

Already owner of Ruby at the time, Megan decided to enroll him in the program launched by Dog AIDan association that trains assistance dogs.

Much more than a pet

During her training, the female Border Collie cross Kelpie learned to perform a plethora of essential actions. Picking up objects, removing her adopter’s socks and shoes, undoing her shoelaces, loading and emptying the washing machine… all these activities no longer have any secrets for the assistance dog. Also, when Megan passes out, she knows she has to press an emergency button.

As the young woman confided to our colleagues from the British daily Mirror, Ruby helped her regain her independence. ” Thanks to her, I finally felt safe in my own home and I can live like before. “, she said.

In short, the hairball is much more than just a pet. full member of the family, Ruby gave a second wind to Megan.

However, the hour of retirement has come for the adorable dog. The latter will enjoy her old age in the company of her favorite human and will leave her place to Rowleyanother dog trained by the association Dog AID.

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