[Vidéo] A badger attacks a litter of foxes

It’s the Mammalogical and Herpetological Group of Limousin (GMHL) which made this rather rare observation on video because, if we know that the badger is an opportunistic predator, seeing in images what it is capable of remains relatively rare.

The majority of badger advocates will say that the latter does not attack mammals larger than a rodent, and yet this observation shows just the opposite.

We can see on this video that foxes have taken over an old badger burrow with foxes that have certainly been born in this same burrow.

If the first part of the video will appeal to the greatest number, the second part much less. We can indeed observe that a badger who lives in the vicinity of the burrow abandoned by his species came to take advantage of the fact that the foxes were alone to kill them before taking them away.

It is important that scientists and associations (hunters or not) continue to allow such observations because too often, anthropomorphism takes over when it comes to biodiversity and it is essential to make everyone understand that certain species are not the passive, placid animals they hope to see.

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