We are very concerned to see our children and especially our teenagers – boys, but also more and more girls – spending a large part of their days, even their nights, in front of a screen and playing video games. Sleep disturbances, visual disturbances, isolation, irritation, lack of physical exercise… Many ailments and problems are attributed to video games.

Arguably, the biggest concern for parents is the risk of video game addiction that their children may develop. What exactly is it? How can you tell the difference between a teenage crisis and a gambling addiction?

Geraldine Mayr and Dr. Jimmy Mohamed receive Dr. Bruno Rocherspecialist in video game addiction and author of the book Is my child addicted to video games?, published by John Libbey. It helps us distinguish between myth and reality about video game addiction, offers a de-dramatized approach to this practice praised by our teenagers, and advice for better handling video games on a daily basis.

Medical news and questions from listeners

Dr. Jimmy Mohamed speaks to us today about the consequences, which can be dramatic lack of sleep. He also returns to hair straightening products which would increase the risk of uterine cancer.

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He explains the menstrual cycle and the endometriosis that can be diagnosed, after the question of Laurence, who lives in Niort: “My 16-year-old daughter has very painful periods but it was also the same for me and his grandmother. She gets folded every cycle and also misses school. I don’t know what to do because the Spasphone doesn’t work. »

He answers Anna, from Sens: “You talked about organ donation recently, but I heard the story of a baby who got a gut. Is it possible ? »