VIDEO – “I am single… but I have my cats”: Marine Le Pen says more about her love life

Guest on the show Facing Baba Wednesday March 16, Marine Le Pen spoke about her love life. The 2022 presidential candidate has no trouble saying there won’t be a First Man by her side if she’s elected president. On the other hand, if there is no male presence at the Élysée, there will be his cats, his faithful companions.

The celibacy of Marine Le Pen. This is a subject on which the candidate of the National Rally is often questioned. Unlike her rivals in this race for the Élysée, she is single. Which means that there will be no First man by his side if the French elect her President of the Republic. Divorced twice and separated after ten years together, the aunt of Marion Maréchal seems to have drawn a line under the male sex. Wednesday, March 16, Marine Le Pen returned to this subject in the show Facing Baba.

No”, Marine Le Pen is not looking for love and does not expect to find it any time soon. So, “Yes” she will be alone at the Élysée. Well, not completely “But I have my cats, watch out! It’s crowded.” She specifies in reference to a former president: “In any case, I wouldn’t make a fake. We’ve seen a lot of fakes in the last mandates.” The presidential candidate has no problem saying that she is not in a relationship, on the contrary. Being single is not a burden, “and I think there are a number of French people who are too. In 2022 in France, this is not a disadvantage either.” For Marine Le Pen“we are a modern society. The idea that it is absolutely necessary to be accompanied by someone to enter the Élysée (him) appears for once like a dusty idea.”

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Marine Le Pen: who did she share her life with?

Marine Le Pen had a first husband, Franck Chauffroy, to whom she was briefly married and with whom she had three children. The couple separated in the year 2000. Two years later, the politician remarried with a former national secretary of the National Front: Eric Lorio. After four years of relationship, they end up divorcing. In 2009, Marine Le Pen had found love in the arms of Louis Aliot, with whom she lived in a free union. But after ten years of relationship, the deputy of Pyrénées-Orientales and the candidate of the National Rally have put an end to their story. Since then, Marine Le Pen has had no man in her life.

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