Video. Jean Lassalle insults a “dog” columnist, France Info condemns his remarks

The reason for this bloodshed? “A three-minute column published on France Info where the immense Renaud Dely, a great ‘journalist’ activist in the public service, calls me a ‘field conspirator’ without any tangible argument to support his point”, justified the Béarnais on his twitter account. “Dear Renaud, perhaps if you redid an audit on the situation of the French press and media in general you would find me less conspiratorial,” he added, posting a Wikipedia screenshot of the biography of the columnist.

Thursday, France Info reacted by publishing a press release to “strongly condemn” the remarks of the candidate Résistons! “Under no circumstances does insult have a place in public debate and cannot intimidate journalists and editorial writers who are doing their job”, writes the management of Franceinfo, which “calls for respect and a climate of serenity that deserves democratic debate”.

No regrets about his words

This Friday on the set of the program “Les Quatre Vérités” of France 2, Jean Lassalle returned to his stroke, claiming not to regret his remarks. “Renaud Dély spoke of a field conspirator, and with regard to the Yellow Vests, he spoke of vermin, men of this stature have nothing to do with France Info! ” did he declare. “Especially since it plays its role of watchdog of a soft dictatorship very well,” he reiterated.

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