VIDEO. Lot-et-Garonne: the incredible 150 km journey of the dog Obi

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It’s a pretty crazy story experienced by Obi, and his master Jean-Louis. Three months after his disappearance, the retiree found him safe and sound.

“He’s a walker! When discussing the journey of his dog Obi, Jean-Louis smiles. And he can, because the story fortunately ended well for this resident of Monteferrand-en-Périgord. However, everything had started badly. And the pensioner remembers it perfectly well. On Friday January 7, he lends a friend his animal, a 3 and a half year old lagotto romagnolo, for a mating.

But everything goes bad quickly. “On Sunday January 9, he called me to say ‘I have bad news, the dog is gone’. Jean-Louis then goes in search of Obi, around Montferrand-en-Périgord. But in January, the weather conditions are difficult. As the days pass, the concern grows. “It’s a dog that moves a lot more,” recognizes the retiree.

Not far from drama

Advertisements, posters, Jean-Louis moves heaven and earth. Quickly, phone calls fall. The animal is seen in “Montbahus, Moulinet, Cancon, then Villeneuve-sur-Lot”. Unfortunately, the pensioner arrives too late each time to pick up the dog. And Obi doesn’t get caught by passers-by.

And on January 24, everything could have turned into tragedy. “I was called to tell me that he had been hit by a car on the road to Preyssas. But Obi survives the shock, and his odyssey continues. People see him in Port-Sainte-Marie, Aiguillon, Saint-Sylvestre-sur-Lot, or Casseneuil. And above all, in Colayrac, for a strange reason. “He knew there were free-range chickens, and we found a carcass,” recalls Jean-Louis, before specifying. “I reimbursed a hen to the owner. »

After being seen in Agen where “he followed the canal”, the dog sets off again in the direction of Colayrac… where he crosses paths with his master again. “I saw him on March 3 with other dogs but he ran away from me. He may not have recognized me,” sighs Jean-Louis. Then, no more news “for about ten days”. “I thought I would never see him again. »

A story that ends well

But Obi then reappears in the Albret. Lavardac, Nérac, Mézin… the photos follow one another. And finally, he finds himself in Gabarret, on April 9, where he crosses paths with several people, and in particular that of Valérie Heriaud, president of the association “Coeur à 4 pattes”. “I brought him a roast chicken and some cheese. We fed him, and he stayed there. But we couldn’t approach him. It took several hours to approach him, then put the leash on him, ”recalls the latter. “It’s a very beautiful story, and his master was crying with joy when he found him. “I burst into tears, yes,” adds Jean-Louis, still moved today.

During his journey, which lasted three months and more than 150 kilometers, the dog will have lost a kilo and a half. How did he feed? The question will remain unanswered, but the medical examinations are reassuring. From now on, the next appointment for Obi will be next week… at the groomer. “Living outside has made him grow hair,” smiles Jean-Louis, very happy to resume his life.

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