VIDEO. “Madam, breast cancer at 12 does not exist”: a mother denounces medical errors after the death of her daughter

This is a very strong testimony from parents who have been immersed for six months in unfathomable sadness. Their daughter, Shiloh died on December 8, 2021 at the Curie Institute against cancer in Paris following a malignant tumor which, from March 2021, attacked one of her breasts. “Shiloh was peace incarnate and we left her to suffer, we flouted her rights” whispers Diane, her mother, in a small voice. She accuses the healthcare system of not having detected her daughter’s illness. “I should have had this cancer. They would not have despised me as they despised her”.

In March 2021, the first symptoms appeared on the girl’s breast. Diane immediately suspects cancer. For four months, she tries to convince the health personnel to carry out further examinations on her daughter. She receives the same answer over and over again: “Madam, breast cancer does not exist in children”. In the summer of 2021, the diagnosis is made: it is indeed cancer. It’s not breast cancer but “grade II breast angiosarcoma”, a very rare malignant tumor that took hold in Shiloh’s breast but could have taken hold elsewhere.

The parents are now considering taking legal action to understand why their daughter was not taken into care earlier. They intend to file a complaint against the health establishments and the attending physician who saw their daughter without prescribing examinations. They also denounce the deterioration of the French health system. “Our health system is screwed up, it’s abominable, it’s an atrocity”.

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