video showing beaten dog sparks abuse investigation

A person who was filmed beating his dog in Brive will soon be summoned by the police.

For the police of Brive, “If the matter is not of primary urgency, it is unacceptable. We are concerned about it and this lady will be heard by our services within a reasonable time.

The Brive public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for animal abuse. This offense is punishable by 45,000 euros fine and up to 3 years in prison.

It all started with a simple video relayed by many Internet users on social networks. For 11 seconds, we see a woman hitting a dog in the trunk of her car with this comment: “Here is the wickedness of people in action on Sunday March 6 at 2 p.m. in Brive-la-Gaillarde in front of the Cabanis high school. A woman hits her dog stuck in the trunk because he had surely defecated.

Said video was relayed and came into the hands of several animal protection associations in Brive and Egletons who decided to file a complaint.

Marie-Laure Caullet, member of the Brive SPA, is indignant: “Fighting hard with his fists in the head of his dog. It’s incredible. We see that the dog is in a state … he is backing up. We feel the animal distress (…) Normally, according to the procedure, it should be prohibited from keeping an animal, but hey … will the procedure go that far? I hope.”

The owner of the dog was quickly identified by the Egletons Animal Protection Association (APA). The animal was temporarily entrusted to her spouse, the couple being separated.

This Tuesday, March 15, the APA informs us that it has definitively recovered the dog.

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