VIDEO. This dog communicates with its owner thanks to a sound carpet

Who has never dreamed of being able to communicate with their animal? As unusual as it may seem, this young Frenchwoman has found a way to do it thanks to an ingenious soundtrack. As a result, his dog is now free to express his desires and needs.

Photo: hello_cocospeaking

Coco understands and knows how to “speak” 34 words, such as “eat”, “play” or even “cuddle”. And no, Coco is not a child, but an eleven-month-old Border Collie. This surprising particularity, the animal owes it to its mistress, Meiyun Xu. The young woman is a doctoral student in language sciences at the University of Burgundy and has decided to use her many skills to create an innovative system: a sound mat adapted to her dog.

This object consists of several push buttons, each associated with a specific word. Goal ? Allow Coco to express herself at any time of the day by pressing the right button. And after several months of learning, the results are already there! Today, the animal knows how to claim special attention, such as a caress, designate a toy it needs or even express an emotion, such as the love it has for its owner.

Meiyun Xu shares the progress of her faithful four-legged friend on social networks, as evidenced by these three stunning videos:

Coco wants to go out

Coco wants to play

Coco wants to eat

For scientists who study animal language, Coco’s peculiarity comes as no surprise. Indeed, according to the various studies carried out, some dogs could assimilate up to a thousand words.

Coco still has many months of learning ahead of him… To discover all the videos, go right here.

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