VIDEO. Tigers, elephants… more than 1000 stuffed animals seized by the Civil Guard in Spain

Agents of the Spanish Civil Guard discovered a private collection of 1,090 stuffed animals estimated at almost 29 million euros in a shed in Bétera, near Valencia, in eastern Spain. Of these pieces, nearly half come from protected or extinct species. They were seized as part of an investigation for smuggling, the Civil Guard announced on Sunday. It is “the largest discovery of stuffed animals protected at national level and one of the largest in Europe”, specifies the Civil Guard in a press release.

Among these pieces, 405 come from protected species, some of which are extinct such as the oryx dammah, or threatened with extinction such as the Bengal tiger and the addax, as well as cheetahs, lynxes, polar bears, rhinos whites, a crocodile, an elephant and 198 pachyderm tusks in particular. These animals belong to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The owner of this collection is under investigation for smuggling and several environmental crimes.

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