Viral Video Of Affectionate Cat Trying To Comfort His Tearful Owner

Through TikTok, a new video has managed to move thousands of people, as it shows a cat trying to comfort its crying mistress.

A peculiar reaction of a small feline trying to comfort his mistress to make her stop crying. This curious scene was recorded by the owner of the cat. She was indeed very surprised to see the particular behavior of her cat after pretending to cry to see how he would react.

Viral Video Of Affectionate Cat Trying To Comfort His Tearful Owner

As seen in the footage from the viral video, the cat notices the young woman’s supposed crying. He is scared and runs towards her, then rubs his head against hers and licks part of her arm.

These heartwarming images already have thousands of views on TikTok where they were originally posted, but they have been so popular that they have also been shared on other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

The adorable reaction of the cat has upset the networks. The video has indeed sparked various reactions and comments highlighting the adorable behavior of the little feline.

One of the most popular comments expressed:

“This is another example of the unconditional love animals have for their masters. Without a doubt, they are the best companions you can have in life. »

If you are an animal lover and especially a cat lover, we invite you to watch the video of this cat trying to comfort his master, who is supposed to be crying.

Don’t miss the wonderful video!

It’s short but you can see how the animal approaches her.

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