Virginie de Araujo, the lawyer for covid-skeptics, arrested

A sprawling affair that thickens a bit more. Five men and two women were arrested in France in a terrorist case linked to the figure of conspiracy circles Rémy Daillet, implicated and imprisoned in the case of the kidnapping of little Mia, according to AFP. Rémy Daillet was indicted on October 22 for “criminal terrorist association” and again imprisoned in this case. He is suspected of being the leader of a group, which includes soldiers, planning violent actions. The seven new suspects are aged 36 to 62 and were arrested on Tuesday March 22. They were placed in custody at the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI). Among them is the lawyer close to conspiracy circles Virginie de Araujo-Recchia, confirmed to Marianne his office without comment.

If we still do not know exactly what justice accuses Virginie de Araujo-Recchia and if it is linked, or not, to the projects of terrorist actions that Rémy Daillet and his group are suspected of having prepared, the lawyer is already known. as a figure in covid-skeptical circles. Close to the Réinfo Covid collective, she presents herself as the lawyer of its founder, the Marseille anesthesiologist Louis Fouché, as well as other members of this disinformation group which actively campaigns against vaccination and health measures.

people’s court

At the beginning of 2022, Virginie de Araujo distinguished herself by filing a complaint against parliamentarians who voted in favor of the law of August 5, 2021 on the management of the health crisis, on behalf of several associations. Among the latter:, the organization of the conspiracy and ufologist Silvano Trotta, and the “Collective of Resistant Mayors”. To explain her approach, Virginie de Araujo-Recchia had drawn, in an interview given to the conspiracy site France Soir, a parallel with the Maurice Papon affair, French police prefect involved in several deadly police repressions.

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The lawyer was also part of the “Corona Committee” collective, an initiative launched by the German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich aimed at translating people “ who pull the strings “(understand: Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Drosten, the asset manager BlackRock, the Pfizer laboratory…) before a popular court. According to Reiner Fuellmich, the pandemic does not exist, it is a conspiracy to inoculate a harmful experimental substance.

In a video message published on the Internet, Virginie de Aurajo-Rechhia had also called ” general officers, colonels, officers “to rebel against health measures, “ given the urgency of the situation », saying « worry about the deterioration of our rule of law which has worsened » and « fundamental rights undermined in the name of a state of health emergency which is not one “.

Among those arrested are also a yellow vest, Sylvain B., author of a “ peaceful insurgency manual “. The judicial investigation was opened in May 2021 after the first arrests linked to this small group, it then expanded. All the respondents seem to have the same inspiration, Rémy Daillet. Fourteen people belonging to the ultra-right had already been indicted in what is described by the courts as ” protean folder “.

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