Wafa Assurance pays tribute to Ali Chraïbi appointed CEO of AGMA and appoints Adil Bouifrouri Executive Director in charge of the International Division

Wafa Insurance congratulates Mr. Ali Chraïbi on his appointment as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGMA and takes this opportunity to pay him a heartfelt tribute for his contribution to the regional development of the Group, which to date has 11 insurance companies and a reinsurance branch operating in 6 countries.

Adil Bouifrouri succeeds Mr. Ali Chraïbi at the head of the Pole Wafa Insurance International and joins the Group’s Executive Committee. Mr. Adil Bouifrouri’s mission is to continue the regional development of the group around 5 axes:

For Life, anchor the leadership of the subsidiaries in Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon and launch the high-potential subsidiary Wafa Life Insurance Egypt, 2. Implement the growth strategy of the Non-Life subsidiaries around the three pillars what are automotive, business risk and health,

Enrich the offer of the subsidiaries to make them broad-spectrum insurers, like the parent company, by developing individual health, assistance, inclusive insurance and digital technology, thus making these companies players operating in 7 markets,

Increase the scope to reach a coverage rate of 70% of the African insurance market (excluding South Africa) through an expansion of the establishments from 6 countries currently to 11 on the horizon of the plan,

Strengthen governance and support for subsidiaries.

Adil Bouifrouri is a graduate of the Institut des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales de Paris and holds a Specialized Masters in Corporate Finance from ESC Marseille Provence and a Specialized Masters in Market Finance from ESC Nice Sophia. Antipolis. He began his career as an investment banker in 1997 and successfully managed more than 36 corporate finance transactions and mergers and acquisitions for a value of nearly 8.7 billion dirhams. Mr. Bouifrouri has also served as Central Support and Business Development Director of the ONA group, in charge of the group’s development at national and international level, M&A, synergies and partnerships; and was a director of the subsidiaries Agma Lahlou Tazi, Inwi, Managem, Onapar, Marjane, Cosumar, Lesieur, Nareva, Sopriam, Optorg. Mr. Bouifrouri was also Chief of Staff to the Minister of Maritime Fisheries, Mr. Aziz Akhannouch, and piloted the deployment of the Halieutis strategy.

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